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Practical, personal, focused on solutions,national as well as international.

Our objective is to provide practical solutions to ensure organisations can implement their business successfully. For this purpose we provide the following services:

  • Management solutions – Searching and presenting the best professional for the task at hand
  • Business Support – Coaching and advising organisation in challenging times
  • Flexpats – Interim Management abroad, for a foreign subsidiary of a Dutch organisation

We have a selected team of experienced professionals, each with his/her own specific industry related background.

Personal & practical

Both Mandaat partners Diederik van den Biggelaar and Jeroen Nuesink are experienced Interim Managers and entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

“In our view, a personal approach is a must. We know what responsibility and accountability means, we know the pressure a business can be facing, which is why we understand and sense what type of specialist the client needs.”

  • Interim Management

    We provide the perfect match, the most fitting expert for the organisation and its people. It is essential that organisations are properly reinforced or supported. We provide you with an expert with the specific skills, know-how and experience in your industry. We only work with experienced specialists, who will be dedicated to your company during their assignment. They will operate resolutely and professionally.

    Business Support

    In a challenging economy, an increasing number of organisations struggle to survive. However, notwithstanding the optimistic nature of the entrepreneur, the cry for help is often too late. At this time the company is facing serious problems, resilience is nearly absent, and vitality appears to be under significant pressure.


    Doing business abroad means being involved in a different culture. Different customs and traditions, a different approach to conducting business could be cause for unexpected and unwanted surprises. Moreover, the integration resulting from a foreign acquisition could also present surprising ‘challenges’.




  • Management solutions
    Reinforcing and supporting and the precise moment

    We provide the perfect match between the organisation and the people. Organisations must be reinforced and supported where and when required. From more than 4,000 candidates we have selected a powerful team of specialists for this exact reason.

    Shaping our network of suitable managers is the cornerstone of our quality. We pride ourselves on the fact that each of our Interim Managers do not face challenges on their own, but have the full backing and support of Mandaat. Both Diederik and Jeroen will maintain full oversight and keep tight tabs on each project.

    Our approach is based on the following solutions related to Interim Management:

    Functional Interim management
    • - Temporary support in a specific field
    • - Ranging from several days to several years
    Tandem Management
    • - Temporary support of a manager
    • - During busy times, or when specific expertise is required
    Permanent solution (Search)
    • - For a truly longer period
    • - Interim Management as precursor of permanent employment
  • Business support
    The best path to a thriving and healthy business

    Let’s be frank, every now and then each company could use a fresh view or some support. For instance to handle complex times or situations, when weathering challenging times and steering towards a new period of stability, or to repair specific relationships (i.e. between the bank, investors and the company).

    We, at Mandaat, have been through the mill ourselves. As enthusiastic entrepreneurs we have experienced both good times and bad times. This is exactly the reason why we know that it can be a huge step to ask for assistance. However, the decision to do so, is the best step forward to reclaim the success of your business.

    Business Support examples are:
    • - Supervising required changes and the implementation thereof
    • - A clear and univocal analysis of the current situation, including a proposal for a practical solution
    • - Incidental brief advice
    • - Advise related to refinancing
    • - Remote coaching of structural changes
    • - Coaching when selling the business
  • Flexpats
    Flexible international professionals

    There are times that subsidiaries abroad are vested in their own policies. Unfortunately the parent company cannot always be successful in their supervision, which could – in the end – result in unpleasant ‘incidents’. We, at Mandaat, are eager to face these challenges. Our skilled, expert and experienced managers, are not only familiar with the culture, traditions and customs, but well aware of the corporate agenda as well. In all, our managers who have worked and lived in the country concerned and in many cases (often literally) speak the language.

    Managers who are flexible and willing to work abroad, either short-term or long-term. Based on their experience in smaller and larger companies, they have the expertise to build bridges between the (Dutch) head office and the local company. Mandaat actively provides remote support and backs them by providing a permanent contact person.


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